Brave Heart


Brave Heart

Designer and founder of Recycle Me Pamela Lindgren has created a limited edition of a piece of jewelry for Recycle Me, Organ Donation Awareness called “Brave Heart”. A gold-plated heart in brass in the size of the human heart.

-My intention with this piece of jewelry was to make it large, to make it really striking; symbolically I also made it gold-plated.  It takes a brave heart to make a difference when it comes to really caring for each other, a gold-hearted person.

Recycle me is a non-profit design proposal to benefit human organ donation. The idea of the proposal is t-shirt prints and jewellery in the shape of human organs. By wearing a t-shirt or jewellery people will make a pro-donation statement.

Music Artist "Msaki" and "PoeticSoul" from South Africa, ballet dancer Benita Bünger from Denmark, and Kapten Röd and Music Artist Etzia from Sweden in favor of Recycle Me. Photo by Pontus Johansson. Benita Bünger ballet dancer. Photo: Thomas Holm Photography.


Brave Heart. Inspired by Love.Limited edition. For RECYCLE ME Handmade in Sweden.

Design Pamela Lindgren