Movetto px4

Movetto px4 is a mobile driver's seat which provides for the transport needs of disabled people. Over and above the usual functions of a wheelchair, Movetto can be used as the driver's seat in a specially adapted car. Movetto offers a low seat level which optimizes the driver's position in relation to the car's construction. Copyright Pamela Lindgren © All Rights Reserved 2004

The interplay between human being, technology and construction is of extra significance in a product like a wheelchair. We are all influenced in one or another way by the image which we project of ourselves. Since a wheelchair is to a great degree an eye-catcher, it is of great importance that it has an attractive appearance. A wheelchair is experienced by many users almost as a part of their bodies. It is therefore vital that one feels at ease with one's aid. I mean that an aesthetically attractive wheelchair can strengthen or increase one's self-esteem and express a life-style which can mean accessibility and participation in a society which is not always adapted.

- Pamela Lindgren 2004

My point of departure for this project has been to find a new, modern expression for the electric wheelchair. I have worked on designing a wheelchair which communicates an active life-style. The work has also consisted of developing a cheaper, simpler and better-functioning construction. In the design process I have studied the functions and questions which I myself have experienced as difficult to manage. I have benefitted from these experiences in my design in order to draw attention to functions and to optimize the ergonomics for the user, as well as to create an added value for the product. - Pamela Lindgren 2004