Furniture For Wellbeing


Furniture for wellbeing

We have been working together with HDK School of Design and Crafts and brain researchers from Sahlgrenska University Hospital. The unique interdisciplinary body of research and its conclusions reveals the hefty impact that the hospital environment has on the speed of recovery and improved sense of wellbeing.

The project was initiated by the hospital's Department of Rehabilitation who stipulated that enriched environment presented in different contexts has a significant impact on the patients rehabilitation. We have therefore worked in a concept of re-design and new experimental ideas.

At present, the collaborative study has resulted in two chairs which have been re-designed to create rocking chairs which incorporate heating pads and storage for canes and walking aids. A third chair features two wheels to aid short-distance movement. There is also an inclusive table for interaction. The table has room for many people with different needs e.g. wheelchair users. It consists of several soft-edged corners with purpose of trigger spontaneous meetings, conversations and communication between people. Additionally, a bracelet of smart textiles which include controls for the alarm, light, music volume, mp3 players was developed.

Furniture and product design: Pamela Lindgren Designer MFA and Kristina Sahlqvist Architect SIR / MSA Smart Textiles in collaboration with Lena Berglin and Siw Eriksson, Swedish Quintex AB. Photography in collaboration with Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer, Studio SEEK Doctors and specialists in collaboration with Michael Nilsson, Director of Research at Sahlgrenska University Hospital.