Trashdate is an alternative dating app for people with a conscious mindset to date potential partners, friends, colleagues, while dating you also make a change for sustainability, no date is a waste of your time. It offers both private, one-on-one dating and open group events to support the environment. Trash picking, discussion groups, planting trees - everything is possible and a guaranteed icebreaker from the first minute. "Trashdate helps me find activities to clean the environment and meet new people with the same mindset."

The concept is built on contemporary dating apps, dating sites and spread through social media. While going on a date you also sign up for an hour or two of cleaning the ocean and the coastline. Available dates and location of areas in need of your help will pop up in your phone along with potential matching partners. Looking forward to dating you! - Trash dating

Nothing connects more than doing good together. Bring some tea and brown bags and get to know each other over picking trash!

The image material (courtesy of photographer Francis Löfvenholm) captures the magic moment of bonding over doing good.

Group events can be created for everyone to join. The events can be browsed through a list and by the pins on a map. Recognizing each other at the spot is easy if the brown logo bags are used.

Branding and UI

The design language of app and website is aimed at a modern, conscious user group. The green highlighting signals the ecological aspect of the product, but the neon hue is aimed at an urban, hip audience.


The app was developed in a multidisciplinary collaboration for the Gothenburg AHA Festival at local Chalmers University. Marine biologist Sam Dupont asked designers Pamela Lindgren and Carolina Poelk to develop a product to communicate issues of ocean pollution, acidity in the ocean water and extinction of species.

The app Trashdate evolved from the conviction that humans need to be emotionally involved in whatever product they are presented with - to actually care and eventually engage. Trashdate as in "date to pick trash together" serves both the user and nature. People get to know others, share experience, do something good and useful together. Nature profits automatically by being cleaned up to made aware of through activism.

This project is a collaboration between Explainartist with Ajibola Omokanye, Designers  Pamela Lindgren and Carolina Poelk, Marine Biologist Sam Dupont, Photographer Francis Löfvenholm and AHA Festival at Chalmers University Gothenburg. The brand Trashdate is protected and owned by Designers Pamela Lindgren and Carolina Poelk. If you are interested in working with us on Trashdate, or have a concept for funding and realising our wonderful idea, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are convinced that Trashdate is an innovative and promising concept that deserves further development.