LIM Serie

The LIM series is designed for EuroStreetLed of Sweden AB. With its design is optimized for minimal power consumption, to generate a well-dimensioned light evenly distributed over the target surface. The luminaires are available in a rectangular and in a round shape in two size and with three different intensities. Designed by Pamela Lindgren Designer MFA and Kristina Sahlqvist Architect SIR / MSA. 

© 2021 EuroStreetLed of Sweden

Large round – design for higher demands on lighting

"Cast-solid luminaire in robust aluminum with fasteners in acid-proof stainless steel. 4 mm toughened flat opto-glass with glare reduction. Meets RoHS-directive. IP68-classed for water and dust. Available with 16 or 32 High Power LED-lighting for various lighting requirements. Allows easy individual adjustment, night dimming and program update after installation." EuroStreetLed of Sweden AB © 2021 EuroStreetLed of Sweden