Recycle me is a non-profit design proposal to benefit human organ donation. The idea of the proposal is t-shirt prints and jewellery in the shape of human organs. By wearing a t-shirt or jewellery people will make a pro-donation statement.

The lack of human organs today is costing the lives of many people in need of new organs. It is also taking many people’s lives through the illegal market based on organ robbery. The situation is unacceptable and must be changed. Recycle me is a step in the right direction to create a better world.

Recycle me also encourages you to make your wishes known by registering with the organ donations register The profits from the Recycle me project will go to Professor Lars-Erik Gelin Memorial Foundation for Transplant Research.  Purchase items at

FACTS - The number of donors is not sufficient to meet the need for organs of all the patients awaiting transplantation.

Diseased organs and tissues can be replaced through the transplantation of healthy organs and tissues from another person. It is possible nowadays to transplant organs such as kidneys, livers, hearts, lungs and pancreas. It is also possible to transplant tissues such as skin, bone, corneas and cardiac valves. It is not necessary for anybody to abstain from making known his or her wish to donate for reasons of age, living habits or possible illnesses. The medical services give everyone who registers as a donor a thorough medical examination if he or she should come into question for donation.

For an organ donation to be possible, a person must die and be certified as dead of a total brain infarct while currently being treated in a respirator. In these circumstances the heart is being oxygenated although the person is dead. Only a few of the people who die each year in Sweden, around 300 out of circa 95,000 persons, can be considered as organ donors.

In order to establish death, the doctors make several thorough examinations. Sometimes even the blood vessels in the brain are subjected to contrast x-rays. According to the law, treatment by respirator may be continued for a maximum of 24 hours after death has been established in order to investigate whether or not an organ donation can be considered.

It is the duty of the medical services to find out the deceased person’s point of view and it is always his or her most recently expressed wish that counts. They look for a donor card, search the Donor Register and ask the next-of-kin. When a person’s wishes are unclear then consent is the point of departure, although in that case the next-of-kin have the right of veto.

To avoid a difficult situation for your next-of-kin, in which they have to make a decision on your behalf, you need to make a decision yourself and also to make your decision known. Source: The Swedish Council for Organ and Tissue Donation (Donationsrådet).

RECYCLE ME was invited to participate in 2012 Science Festival at 3e våningen Gothenburg Sweden. RECYCLE ME are participating in Kulturkalaset 2016

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