Low Pixel Image Collection


Low Pixel - image collection

The Italian company Verardo invited four female designers to make a limited quantity of pieces “Rarity”. Pamela Lindgren was invited from Sweden, the collection was first showed in Milan 2007. Today’s high-tech level of living whit distinctive high-resolution images and manipulated nature, made me think of the mythic idea of the far east in the 18th century, the lacquer work, the Chinoiseries and the disciplined nature as in a bonsai tree.

Sofa Table. Laser-cut sheet metal, glossy white lacquer. Height 300 mm. Length 750 mm. Width/Depth 750 mm. Copyright Verardo © All Rights Reserved 2007

My approach is to use today’s technique and reduce it into something that reminds of old craft techniques and methods, combined with today’s techniques.

By reducing the resolution of the images they become abstract, shape and contrast make the images more into a pattern. I have used the pattern and turned it into a digital drawing, which have been programmed into a machine that cuts out the images. In this way the low resolution images leaves a long lasting footprint of its appearing, a time document of today.

Room divider. White lacquer with black contours. Height 1650 mm. Length 2110 mm. Width/depth 350 mm. Copyright Verardo © All Rights Reserved 2007